Commission Information

I’m currently accepting commissions for performers and ensembles of all skill levels. My rates typically vary by duration, instrumentation, deadline, and use—a multi-movement commission for orchestra is more labor-intensive than a two-minute piece for two performers. That said, I enjoy working with students, ensembles, directors, philanthropists (if that’s your thing), and educators, and I’m happy to explore options if you’re on a limited budget. For more information, fill out the interest form below. After it submits, I’ll be in touch via email to schedule a video (or audio) call to discuss your needs and desires in more depth. We’ll also talk budget and work to create the right piece for your parameters.

Please note that due to demand and my own creative schedule, I may (but do not always) require a six-month minimum period in which to create your piece. This varies from project to project, but I encourage you to reach out with as much advance notice as possible so we have the most flexibility as I craft you something cool.

A sampling of works performers and directors have commissioned me for:

Want to team up with other performers or ensembles and create a new piece at lower individual cost? Check out my consortium information here. If you’re invested in a solo commission but on a tighter budget than you’d like, check out the discounts I’m offering over on my Patreon.

Commission Interest Form
Thinking about a commission? Want to talk timeline, numbers, and parameters? Fill out the following so I can get a sense of what you're considering and we can schedule a meeting!
If you're considering multiple options, select all that apply. Fixed media counts as an instrument.
This can be things like "I'd like nose flute and fixed media," "I want to play body percussion while also playing vibra-slap," "Piano accompaniment, please," "I'm considering keytar and piano or brass quintet," or anything else that comes to mind! (Or you can leave it blank; that's cool too.)
These ranges are approximate. Again, if you're considering multiple options, select all that apply.
Select all that apply.
Even if you don't have an exact number, a ballpark here is great to help me understand what you're working with. You can list your overall budget for the piece (total amount), or a monthly budget. If paying in several smaller installments would work best for you, I've got a few options we can consider together.
Select all that apply.
The exclusivity period, usually measured in months, is the length of time in which you alone (or you and any co-commissioners) have rights to perform the new work. The longer the exclusivity period, the more expensive the commission, because during that time I am unable to sell copies of the piece. If you're considering a long exclusivity period, consider how many performances of the work you'll be able to give during that time.
If not, "no" or "N/A" is totally fine. "Project" can be interpreted as broadly as you'd like, including specific recitals, seasonal programming, larger initiatives, "I want to confuse my studio class," etc.
This can include: your pronouns, info about your artistic practice, link to your website/SoundCloud/YouTube, unique or known parameters you'd want me to use, subject matter you'd like to tackle with me, notation styles you do/don't want to see, extended techniques you're comfortable with, pieces of mine you'd be interested in emulating stylistically, things you'd like me to avoid, etc.