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Looking for stuff I’ve put together? Start here. I’ve got a whole bunch of things hanging out, plus some folks I recommend further down.

List: feminism, sexual assault, power abuses

A list of articles and resources for those looking to learn more about gendered violence, particularly sexual assault in and around schools and institutions. This list is updated periodically as I find more material to add; there are currently over a hundred items present.

Queer resources

On Twitch, I lecture on a variety of topics, including various musical subjects, queer theory, and marginalization in gaming, literature, performance, and fandom. I also maintain a Discord server that contains text channels full of resources on queer identities and marginializations.


Below you’ll find an abbreviated list of performers, composers, and creatives I admire. Many of these folks have been closely involved in my creative practice, and I highly recommend seeking them out.

Echo Rose

Echo is a dynamic performer and composer currently based in Chicago. She’s run several successful projects previously under the moniker JC Meyers and will be releasing music under her own name starting in 2022 with her album The Lotus Process. She’s one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and a huge inspiration for my own work.

Leila Jay

Leila is a harpist/vocalist/songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. On top of all the usual harpist things (seriously, hire them for your wedding because I would), they front Love Underwater, a folk-punk band you should definitely check out. We’ve worked together a lot, most notably on the world premieres of Take What You Want and People Talk.

Alex Wilson

Alex is the trumpet professor at Grand Valley State University and an ASU doctoral alum. He’s been involved in my work since 2014; he played on premieres and early performances of Sibling Rivalry and RPM, and he’s commissioned Earthquake City, Storm Warning, and Helios. Check out his debut record, Volti Subito, featuring a truly fearsome arrangement of Paganini’s second violin concerto. Helios is featured on his second album, VOLANTE, available now.

Sara Sithi-Amnuai

Sara is a versatile trumpeter-composer-badass based in Los Angeles. She’s an avid creator and a gifted music technologist, and her flugelhorn chops are killer. She played on the quartet version of RPM for my mid-residency recital at CalArts. Check out her SoundCloud and watch her mid-residency recital here.

Mattie Barbier

Mattie is the trombone professor at CalArts and LA City College and a member of almost every contemporary group you’ve ever heard of (gnarwhallaby, wildUp, Trio Kobayashi, RAGE Thormbones… ). They performed on the world premiere of Shatter the Heavens with their best friend and RAGE counterpart Weston Olencki. If you don’t know them, you should. (seriously, check out RAGE.)

Tanner Pfeiffer

Tanner is a conductor, composer, and singing violist (which is the best list of things I think I’ve ever heard) currently based in Los Angeles. He directs Chordas Collective and has also run the CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, who gave the world premiere of walking/I’m sorry, Mom. Tanner is a fantastic musician and a dear friend.

Brianne Borden

Brianne is a trumpeter and yoga instructor currently serving as Assistant Professor of Trumpet at SUNY Potsdam. Much of her research focuses on incorporating yoga techniques into musical practice to reduce the risk of injury. Hear her on the Arizona premiere of Storm Warning, or, more recently, her performance of go to the garden. Alternatively (or additionally), read my profile on her here.

Sarah Belle Reid

Sarah is a trumpeter, music electronist, and CalArts DMA candidate. She also runs Mod Index, an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility and engagement of women in music technology. Check out her Patreon here.


Listed below are a few groups whose missions I really believe in or whose work I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (or collaborated with!) over the years. Check them out!

5th Wave Collective

5th Wave is a Chicago-based chamber music organization that facilitates the creation and performance of works by women and gender-nonconforming composers. My journey with 5th Wave began in 2018; since then, they’ve performed Take What You Want, Shatter the Heavens, You Probably Don’t Remember Me, and Panic I and Panic II. I particularly love their dedication to the music of both dead and living composers!

…And We Were Heard

AWWH is a team dedicated to connecting band directors with composers. Directors who select a piece receive the score and parts for free, and in exchange, their ensemble produces a high-quality recording for the composer at no cost. It’s a great resource for marginalized voices looking for groups to connect with!


WasteLAnd is a new music/experimental music/weird music concert series in Los Angeles, and they put on some pretty awesome stuff. They feature a different composer each season, and their programming is diverse and memorable (and pretty badass). If you’re ever in town for one of their shows, be sure to check it out! It’s usually a full house and a great time.

The Industry

The Industry is an experimental opera company in Los Angeles that’s dedicated to immersive productions and large-scale projects. They’ve collaborated with the LA Phil, wildUP, and others, but they also mount major projects themselves. Check out Hopscotch and Sweet Land to get a taste.