Hey, cis people. It’s time we had a talk.

Some of you may have followed this year’s slew of legislative and executive action in states across the U.S. to limit the rights and existence of trans people. Even ifs you’ve only heard about it in passing, what you’ve learned has hopefully alarmed you—and chances are, you’ve only heard things

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for my partner, on his birthday

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve progressively posted less and less about my personal life on the internet. Over the past five years, I’ve grown immensely—I am no longer the scared, frustrated young student posting about gender inequality because no one would listen when I actually spoke about it. While much

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Road to a Name Change: Part 5

Hi, everyone. With everything going on in Texas and Ukraine right now, I haven’t been able to update as regularly. Sorry about that! (We’re also approaching midterms week, which means my life is messy currently.) Because I want to be able to come back to this in more depth later

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