Don’t Tell: February Premieres and Shenanigans

Hi everyone! I hope your holiday season was restful and filled with friends and family and all that jazz. Mine involved lots of traveling, but now that we’re back to a (mostly) normal school schedule, I’ve returned to my normal music-making groove. February is a busy month for me – despite it being the shortest of the year, I and my peers have a lot going on! Here’s a sampling:

  • February 13th: I’ll be premiering Don’t Tell, my new work for fixed media, on the ASU Composition Studio Recital in Katzin Concert Hall (on ASU campus) at 7:30pm. This piece is likely the most personal and most socially relevant work I’ve written to date. It was created with the help of several friends, a little recording equipment, and an often-tampered-with piano. For the complete program notes, click here. Admission to the concert is free and a reception will be provided. If you can’t make it, check out the live stream (link forthcoming).
  • February 23rd: This is a busy day! I’ll be presenting Don’t Tell at the Creatives For Change event at Arcadia, on ASU campus.
  • February 28th: I’ll be premiering Liar, Liar, a new work for fixed media at 6pm at QUANTUM SOUNDS, the Society of Composers, Inc. concert at Marston Theatre (also on ASU campus). This concert will be a unique experience, as we’ll be collaborating with the astronomy program to send you on a tour of the universe as you listen!
  • Late February: I’ll be finalizing the lineup for my senior recital, putting the finishing touches on a couple new pieces, and starting new projects.

I’m so excited to be sharing new music with you all! Thanks for being along for the ride. ♦