Graduate Programs: And the Winner Is….

The higher education application process stymies me. Sure, you can take a year or two off between high school and college or undergraduate studies and grad school, but for those of us that choose to power through it all, it’s a little crazy to be making super important life choices while juggling some of the craziest semesters of our education. I’m fresh off my senior recital, and now the time has come to make the next major decision of my professional and academic life: where I’m attending grad school.

I applied to several places and had multiple offers to consider, but ultimately the decision came down to a couple key things: location (specifically proximity to a large metropolitan area with a thriving music scene) and affordability. As such, I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be attending California Institute of the Arts to pursue my MFA as part of their Performer-Composer program. At CalArts, I’ll get to work with amazing faculty members and skilled peers as I grow as a musician. I can’t wait to spend the next two years of my life in the Los Angeles area! (Go Sharks!) ♦