You Can’t Cry While Drinking (Coffee)

Sometimes a project sucks you in so fast you don’t even realize it’s happened.

My roommate’s capstone is one of these projects. Written by Tess Galbiati and serving as both her final creative project and her honors thesis, the production follows Stacia, an art major with big plans for the future, as she struggles with her own wellness during a rough relationship and a fatal illness within her family. Relationships of all kinds are tested. It’s a fascinating dissection of the nuanced conversations and friendships that today’s young adults make.

I’ve been around You Can’t Cry While Drinking (Coffee) since it was a vague idea floating around our house, so I was thrilled when Tess asked me if I’d be interested in serving as sound designer for the production. I got to play with voiceovers and ringtones and some other really interesting sonic environments – I don’t want to reveal too much, since my favorite parts are at the end, but if you’re in the Phoenix/Tempe area, it’s definitely worth ninety minutes of your time. You Can’t Cry While Drinking (Coffee) runs March 3rd through 5th, with Saturday and Sunday shows at 2pm and 7pm, at the Prism (970 E University Dr., Tempe, AZ, 85281). Tickets are $8, or $5 with a donation of a can of food. Hope to see you there! ♦