March Favorites are here!

Like every YouTuber ever, I’ve decided to start a monthly favorites segment. Ultimately, my goal is to highlight music, creatives, and moments I enjoy. If anything catches your attention, don’t keep quiet!

March has been an absolutely insane month. I had the privilege of playing on three recitals (including my own), joining ensembles on various other concerts, clearing a couple commissions off my plate, and preparing for premieres of new works. That said, this is what’s caught my eye and ear:

It’s Only a Matter Of… by Sara Sithi-Amnuai
Performed on her March 21 recital with vocalist Chloe Stephen, It’s Only a Matter Of… is an innovative duet that merges trumpet and the human voice almost to the point of true unity. It’s a great addition to the rep book for any trumpeter who regularly collaborates with singers. Check it out along with the rest of Sithi-Amnuai’s recital here (It’s Only a Matter Of… starts at 0:0:55).

Jeremiah Jacks, music educator
One of my newest collaborators, Jeremiah reached out to me as part of his own effort to perform and promote works by female composers. The result: The Adventures of Wichita Joe and Danny Díaz, my newest work for big band. The Adventures… will be available for purchase in the fall of 2018 (exact date forthcoming). If that weren’t cool enough, Jeremiah has a vested interest in outreach; recently, he took his middle schoolers to perform at a senior living center. Stay tuned for more!

México Lindo by Pablo Leñero
Leila Jay premiered this new concerto for harp and string orchestra on The Ensemble’s March 12 concert. Despite a limited number of performers, Leñero’s writing and Bishop’s technical ability bring the hall alive (and if you’re into string basses functioning as an entire rhythm section, you really can’t miss this piece). Watch them open The Ensemble’s concert here.

Found/Tonight by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt

The Broadway mashup of your dreams has arrived! Miranda and Platt, with the blessing of Pasek and Paul, Lacamoire, and many others, team up for a gorgeous duet featuring You Will Be Found and The Story of Tonight, two numbers from their shows (Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen respectively). The best part? Proceeds from streams and downloads benefit the March for Our Lives Initiative.

Quiver by Cameron Robello

It’s no secret that Cameron Robello is among my best friends. However, in my completely unbiased opinion, the new solo for trumpet and paper he wrote for me is the coolest thing currently on this side of the puddle. (I may be exaggerating, but it is really freaking amazing.) I had the pleasure of premiering Quiver on my mid-residency recital earlier this month, and I look forward to continuing to bring the character in the piece to life. Check out the video above, and explore more of Cameron’s work here.

Ain’t it Sad? by Jeremiah Sweeney
Another of my favorite collaborations from my mid-res, this flugelhorn solo by Arizona-based composer Jeremiah Sweeney could only be properly played by an instrument that sounds like butter. I had a great time preparing it and giving the premiere; check it out here (starts at 1:11:10). Come back soon for the high-quality audio version! ♦