How to Access My Queer Identity Lectures (after June 2021)

Greetings, folks! Happy Pride.

I’ve been blogging less this month because I’ve spent the past three weeks teaching and talking in a different format: on Twitch and Discord, where I’ve spent time with friends, colleagues, and some near-strangers talking about various LGBTQIA2S+ identities and struggles. We’ve gotten through a lot—asexuality, aromanticism, nonbinary identities, transphobia, pronouns/neopronouns, xenogenders, trans allyship, and some pointers on queer-friendly classrooms—and we’ve still got a little more to cover.

As we’ve adventured through the month, I’ve talked with my Discord server and a few other folks about where this content should go after the month is over. I fully expect that I’ll give some of these lectures again in the future (Nonbinary Day is July 14!), and while I’m sure they’ll get better over time, I know at least a few people have been considering visiting (or revisiting) this month’s material in VOD form.

I’ll be honest: the best way to engage with this content is to show up and ask your questions in real time. These lectures aren’t polished, perfect, every-single-answer toolkits. They’re introductions and context that are further guided by the reactions of the people I’m delivering it to. I know not everyone’s free at 7 Pacific on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if you’re able to hop on, you’ll probably have the richest experience in real time. (I may continue the lecture series after Pride! But probably only once a week, because WOW, it’s a lot of research.)

That said, if you’re playing catchup, I’ve finalized a couple ways for you to engage with these lectures for the foreseeable future. I’m not sticking anything behind a paywall during June—all the VODs will stay up and publicly available. (I just went Affiliate, so unless you’re subbed, expect pre-roll ads no matter how you’re tuning in.) However, starting July 1, I’ll be switching things up a little bit:

  • While VODs will remain available on Twitch until two months after their air date, I’ll be turning on a subscribers-only setting. If you want to watch, you’ll need to be subscribed to me on Twitch. (Note: if you have Amazon Prime, you can link your Amazon to your Twitch and get a free Twitch sub every month. You don’t need to use it on me if you don’t want to, but know that’s an option.)
  • I’ll also be editing the lectures down (to get rid of the “hi! how are you!” moments that permeate anything done on Twitch) and uploading them to YouTube unlisted. These will be accessible to everyone on my Patreon—at any tier. So if a Tier 1 Twitch sub is a little prohibitive, you can access the lectures for $1 a month.

I like making my work as accessible as possible, which is why all of my live lectures are presented in a way that costs nothing. (Even if you don’t want to watch ads before stream on Twitch, you can jump in the voice channel on Discord and absorb it all that way.) But each of my eight lectures, which have been between two and three hours each, involve an extra five to ten hours of planning, supplementary research, and presentation work, and I want to make sure that folks beyond my primary audience (Twitch chat and Discord) who want to consume the material, more than a month after it started airing, acknowledge the labor not only of making the work in the first place but also of keeping it available. Without the plans I’ve made, every lecture would disappear permanently after two months. This way, you can access ~20 hours of content (plus future lectures) for between $1 and $5 a month (or $0 if you have a Prime sub you want to use).

The lectures will be back, though. They may not all make reappearances in the same format, but this is all content I’ll keep in rotation. And if you’re just now tuning in, I’d love to see you online sometime soon.

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