(a quick update about my 2023 availability)

Hello, friends!

I just need to put this out there for folks who may be interested in commissioning me or leading a consortium in 2023. I’d love to work with you! Currently, for projects longer than two minutes, I am open for commissions with deadlines of October 2023 or later. For consortia, I am available for projects with delivery dates in December 2023 or later. This is significantly further out than my normal availability; however, I’ve been lucky to have a number of exciting collaborations come up in the first half of this year already, and that’s pushed my available deadlines out beyond what I normally have to offer. Regardless of if your project is happening this year or in the far future, I’m always happy to sit down and talk about what you’re looking for in a piece and how we can make it happen!

For more detailed information, click the buttons below for information on commissioning and consortia.

If you’re interested in seeing my work live in the next few months, here are the performances I know about in April, May, and June:

  • 4/2023 (details TBA): performance of RPM (quartet), Utah Valley University, Orem, UT
  • 4/4/2023, 8:00pm Eastern: performance of Helios, CJ Waldrop, Furman University, Greenville, SC (click here for CJ’s live stream)
  • 4/15/2023, 7:30pm Eastern: premiere of see me, Steph Frye-Clark, Eastern Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN (click here for Steph’s live stream)
  • 4/22/2023, 7:30pm Central: performance of go to the garden, Keith Benjamin, University of Missouri-Kansas City, MO
  • 4/29/2023: performance of Helios, Sawyer Prichard, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
  • 5/16/2023, 7:30pm Pacific: preview performance of neverending rain, Santa Teresa High School, San Jose, CA
  • 5/22/2023: premiere celebration of neverending rain, Gainesville Middle School, Gainesville, GA
  • 6/1/2023, 1:00pm Central: performance of go to the garden, John Marchiando, International Trumpet Guild New Works Recital, Minneapolis, MN (live stream will be available for ITG members)
  • 6/8-6/11/2023 (details TBA): performance of go to the garden, Theresa May, Re:sound Festival, Cleveland, OH

And now, back to our regularly not-quite-scheduled programming. Thanks for reading!