ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m going on hiatus!

Hi, everyone! I feel so lucky I’ve had an excellent, deeply fulfilling artistic start to 2023, and I’m so thankful to have shared it with so many of you. Today, I can finally announce what is, for me, pretty big news: I’m taking a few months (mostly) off my creative schedule this year, from the end of June through the end of September.

Folks who are already working with me were sent this information in advance, but for those just now hearing the news, what this means (for me) is that I will be working in the background on already-contracted work but will not be accepting any new projects during this time. (If you bring me something, I’ll gladly schedule a fall meeting to discuss it!) I’ll also be significantly paring down my email during this period; expect me to check messages every 1-2 weeks. The exact interval may fluctuate, and that’s with good reason: I’m spending these months training to become a paralegal!

Beginning in the last week of June, I’ll be taking part in UC San Diego’s accelerated paralegal program. It’s going to be an intense, probably-quite-busy three months, so I’m using this hiatus to give me adequate opportunity to focus without splitting my time between my artistic and academic work. (I’m also doing more Medical Stuff and other life things during this time, so being able to put down the pen and microphone for awhile will help immensely.)

Before I go dark for a bit, I have two big things to wrap up: the KENOCHORIC consortium, which closes June 20, and a long video essay I’ll be releasing in the coming days about improper data handling by the Institute for Composer Diversity. Folks familiar with my writing on their practices, buckle up, because somehow, this one’s worse. Both of these projects are large-scale, multi-month endeavors, and I look forward to sharing more in the near future.

After that, though, I’m excited to stick my head back in some books for awhile and begin transitioning out of adjuncting and into legal services as a day job. (I have no plans to stop being a professional musician, but I like knowing I’m going to be paid for longer than sixteen weeks at a time.) Thank you all so much for your support this year—I’m hopeful I’ll have more happy things to share as time passes!

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