ICD 2023 Works Cited

Hi there! Below are the sources I used for my video and accompanying article on the Institute for Composer Diversity’s March 2023 data leak of marginalized composers’ information, including (estimated) 2,000+ composers whose data it shouldn’t have anymore. These sources are listed in order of appearance in the video, so

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m going on hiatus!

Hi, everyone! I feel so lucky I’ve had an excellent, deeply fulfilling artistic start to 2023, and I’m so thankful to have shared it with so many of you. Today, I can finally announce what is, for me, pretty big news: I’m taking a few months (mostly) off my creative

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quick thoughts on ITG and new music

If I’m being honest, up until fairly recently, I was confident I’d never have my work presented at the International Trumpet Guild’s annual conference. There were three major factors at play there: first, because the easiest way in is to earn a spot on the New Works programs, and I’m

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