I compose post-tonal music for a variety of instrumentations, including electroacoustic ensembles. As a performer, I specialize in experimental music and free improvisation, but I’ll play pretty much anything. Collaboration is my bread and butter, so if you’ve got a project you think needs my work, I want to hear about it!

Meet My Music

Get to know my composing by checking out my Works for Sale page or my full works list.

Eris stands with a group of singers in the audience seats at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, performing Crowd Out by David Lang; in the foreground, conductor Tanner Pfeiffer shouts through a makeshift megaphone. Photo by Dimitri Chamblas

Watch Me Perform

Check out my YouTube for performances I’ve given (plus my own works being played), or visit my Bandcamp for a high-quality, audio-only experience.

A large handwritten score is partially covered by two small notebooks, each with composing notes on display, plus a ballpoint pen and a set of headphones.

Work With Me

Check out my Services page for information on commissions, consulting, guest lectures, and other services I offer!

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