Whether you’re looking for downloadable content you can take with you wherever you go or streaming video and audio, chances are I’ve got you covered.
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Here’s where to listen:


Eris DeJarnett: From the Ashes, soon (2023).
Featured works: The Dead Scar, plus several as yet unannounced. Will be available to listen and order through Bandcamp.

Eris DeJarnett: WEAKNESS, released 2020. Run time: 27 minutes.
Featured works: this is how it starts, dreamer//precipice, Sky Harbor, all but impossible, CA-198, don’t call it a love song, this is how it ends. Listen and order through Bandcamp.

Alexander Wilson: VOLANTE, released 2022.
Featured piece: Helios. Order through Summit Records; look for it on streaming services in the future.

Eris, a white person with dark-ish eyebrows and deep grooves under their eyes, stares at the camera. They are shrouded in darkness, with only the light from a candle held in front of their face to illuminate them.

Eris DeJarnett: out of the dark, released 2020. Run time: 22 minutes.
Featured works: this is my brain on nothing; Don’t Tell; Liar, Liar; stories/walk free; burn it. Listen and order through Bandcamp.

Streaming and archived performances

Watch past performances on my YouTube channel.

Listen to audio-only performances and clips of just-for-fun projects on my SoundCloud.