Consortium Information

A commission doesn’t fit your plans?

Consider a Consortium.

Lower individual fees.

Individual buy-ins can be as low as $50! Great if traditional commissions are financially out of reach.

One year of exclusivity.

You and your consortium members are the only ones who can play the new piece for a full year after delivery.

Join a project you love.

Hop on any consortium that sounds cool to you, even if you just want to support without performing the work!

New music: with friends.

Grab your favorite performers and commission a work together! Recruit your rivals and see who plays it best!

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Currently Active Projects

go to the garden for B-flat or C trumpet and fixed mediathis consortium is FULL. the piece will run approx. 3′, 6′, and 9′ in three different versions, all of which will be made available to consortium members. Each longer version builds on the material introduced in its shorter counterpart(s), continuing the story and perspective presented in the playback while also gradually scaling up in difficulty. (The complete piece should be attainable for most collegiate-level players and up, though I hope to keep it within reach for ambitious high schoolers.) The content of the piece will be centered on solitude, rest, grief, and safety, particularly given how difficult COVID-19 has made many of those things. Though I have not yet written the narration that will appear in the playback, potential content warnings may include: death of a family member, transphobia, systemic ableism, suicide/suicidal ideation, COVID-19, and abusive teachers and partners. For more about the piece and this consortium process, read a robust overview on my blog.

wind ensemble consortium—more info coming this spring/summer! anticipated delivery early-mid August. if you’re interested in heading this up, please reach out!

About My Consortiums

Beginning in 2022, I’ll be offering consortiums for certain pieces/instrumentations.

Consortiums are a great option for folks who want to get in on the ground floor of a new piece but don’t have the funds to front a commission singlehandedly. Generally, consortium members sign onto a project I’ve already started or proposed, resulting in a little more structural rigidity than would typically exist in a traditional commission process. That means that when you sign on, you already have a pretty good idea of what the end result will be and when it’ll arrive, bypassing a lot of those initial questions you’d find in a commission.

An ideal consortium piece, for me, falls into one of two categories: for one to two instruments, with or without piano/fixed media accompaniment, OR for large (standardized) ensembles, like wind ensemble, orchestra, or choir. I prioritize instrumentations that are likely to be widely performed, with durations usually between five and ten minutes. Consortiums are also a chance for me to stretch my chops a little and dive back into subject matter I care deeply about, so if you’ve been looking for a Letters piece for your instrument (or LETTING GO, or something queer, or…), a consortium would be a great place to put that forward.

All consortiums provide one year of exclusivity, where no one besides the original batch of commissioners can perform the piece. I may start selling scores at the eleven-month mark, but until the year is up, the piece can only be purchased by performers/directors who have specified a performance date outside of that exclusivity window. The piece will not be readily available on my web store until exclusivity has expired. Exclusivity dates will be clearly marked in the contract you sign when you join the consortium.

Ultimately, I hope to use consortiums to offer a method by which many people can support my work at a lower individual cost, hopefully in a way that leaves room for developing relationships and strengthening bonds between folks who might not otherwise be involved in a commission process together. If you’re interested in starting one, drop me a line below. If you’re looking to sign onto one, I’ll try to leave links to active consortia here as well.

Leading a Consortium

If you’re interested in leading a consortium, expect to be the primary recruiter. Your enthusiasm for the project is so important! You’ll be responsible for sharing general information about the project (which I’ll provide to you), getting others on board, and generally hyping things up. In return, you’ll have the option of giving the world premiere of the new piece if it’s within an agreed-upon length of time after delivery (some percentage of the exclusivity window). I’ll also offer you two virtual rehearsal visits as part of your consortium buy-in (at no additional charge), whereas other consortium members will be eligible for up to one. You alone will have first right of refusal (for one to two years depending on the project), should you be interested in making a professional recording of the piece. Typically I look for a minimum of ten commissioners per consortium, so if you have nine excited friends or colleagues, you’re already in good shape!

To get in contact with me about leading a consortium, use the form below.

Joining a Consortium

If you want to join an existing consortium, you may do so at any time after the consortium goes live up until scores are delivered to commissioners. Dates will be posted whenever possible; however, I do on occasion deliver pieces early, so I encourage you to sign up earlier rather than later. (You don’t have to pay on signup, just on delivery.) If you’d like to support my work but aren’t a performer yourself (or don’t have an ensemble to play the thing, etc.) and you want to facilitate creation more directly than through my Patreon would, a consortium is a great chance to do that! Just let me know that’s your plan; you’ll be under no obligation to perform the piece if you don’t have the forces to do so.

Consortium Interest Form
Want to lead a consortium? Fill out this form and I'll be in touch! (Note: if I'm currently running a consortium for your instrument, I'll let you know in my reply. You can still usually choose to start a new one, though!)
If you are interested in leading a solo or duo consortium, put your own instrument/voice range here. If you are interested in leading a large ensemble consortium, put your ensemble type (orchestra, choir, wind ensemble, etc.).
This is just to give me a sense of timeframe. You can be as specific as you like (especially if you already have a concert scheduled!), but things like "early spring 2023" or "our first fall concert next year" or "my senior recital in [semester, year]" are also helpful if you haven't nailed down a date.