all but impossible (fixed media, hopefully trombone)

Run time: approx. 6′. Piece is currently for tape and hopefully will be for tenor trombone as well. It was initially presented, sans trombone, on my album WEAKNESS.

No, you can’t actually order from here, sorry. I keep this piece’s destinations highly controlled. Fill out the form below and we’ll talk about your project!


Hi, folks. I control where this piece goes pretty tightly. If you’d like to purchase it, please fill out the form below to tell me about your project, and if I’m super into your setting of the piece, we’ll move forward full steam ahead! Program notes and the usual stuff below. If you’re looking for the recorded version, get on over to WEAKNESS on my Bandcamp.

ONLY USE THIS FORM IF YOU WANT TO ORDER A PIECE I'VE LISTED AS HIGHLY CONTROLLED. If there's a regular old Order button, you don't need to fill this out. (If you're looking for a performance copy of a fixed media piece, that's a different form and I'm sorry.)

In the long run, this track is also going to have a tenor trombone option on it. However, I’ve been trying to write a version for the album since May, and it’s now August; usually, when it’s been that long, it means the version I have is the one I should be putting out. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. After all, making these fixed media tracks is one of my favorite parts of my practice!

But I also wanted to put it out into the world because it’s a reminder to myself that things don’t necessarily have to be perfect in the way I’d originally envisioned to be valuable and worthy additions to our musical space. I don’t have to do this piece exactly like this for the rest of forever. My music can (and should, and will) keep evolving, but I am allowed (and encouraged) to love it for where it’s at.

So, in the long run, tenor trombone. But, for now, just sit back and enjoy the rain.

Run time: approx. 6′.


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