all in a row. (four-part a cappella choir) (unperformed!)


Run time: approx. 3′. Voice 1 range: B3-Db5. Voice 2 range: B3-F#4. Voice 3: Db3-E4. Voice 4: B2-Db4. A tightly crunchy, mildly unsettling piece for unaccompanied four-part choir centering on text by John Reed. Singable by a quartet or a larger group depending on your ensemble and preference!

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How do you feel when you hear the word clinic?

That word claims the title of John Reed’s poem, which I’ve set to music here. To me, clinics are a fascinating juxtaposition of order and chaos—they seem to function as if all goes according to plan, all the time, but below the surface is a team of professionals and patients alike struggling to cope with frequently life-altering circumstances. Whether you’re going in for a physical, a mental health appointment, an inpatient stay, or surgery, like Reed’s poem alludes to, clinics are severe and sterile and often a little unsettling.

As I wrote all in a row. I worked to evoke that feeling of never quite being settled. Motives that are introduced early on rework themselves until they appear completely altered and almost incomprehensible. For the most part, I left Reed’s text untouched, save the variations on “square white cells, all in a row” that run throughout the piece. It is my hope that performances of all in a row. leave listeners slightly disoriented and just a little bit concerned.

Run time: approx. 3′. Voice 1 range: B3-Db5. Voice 2 range: B3-F#4. Voice 3: Db3-E4. Voice 4: B2-Db4.

all in a row. perusal (preview before you buy!)

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this piece has yet to be performed. I’d love it if your group gave the premiere!

Listen to a recording made at CalArts in a reading session in the spring of 2018:

Frequently asked: How should I write the name of this piece in programs/posts/etc.?
Answer: In all lowercase, with the period at the end (“all in a row.”). This song is intentionally not written with Capital Letter Energy; please honor that by writing it as I’ve written it for your programs and other media.
May I chop up your program notes?
Answer: Generally I ask performers not to alter my notes, as they are in many cases my only opportunity to speak directly to your audience. If limited program space is a consideration, consider linking them to this page via a QR code and/or reading them aloud for your audience during your set. However, in this case, if you would like to truncate these notes, please cut them at the end of the second paragraph (after “a little unsettling”).

Past performances:

  • 5/4/2018: recorded at CalArts


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