Bells (C4-F5 or C3-F4 voice and piano)


Run time: approx. 3′. Based on text by Edgar Allan Poe, Bells started as an academic exercise in text setting and word painting, but it became a light, maybe-passively-festive celebration of wintertime and joy. This art song is available for either C3-F4 or C4-F5 voice and piano, making it a great choice for teachers hoping for a versatile piece serving many performers.


Bells, based on text by Edgar Allan Poe, started as an academic exercise in text setting and word painting, but it soon became a project I genuinely enjoyed working on, rather than an assignment I simply had to complete for school. Despite my fondness for the piece, I didn’t have an opportunity to get it performed until two years later. As a result, Bells underwent minor revisions, eradicating a few details that were only present for the sake of practicing certain compositional techniques. The end product is a song I enjoy even more now than I did as a sophomore, combining my favorite aspects of the original piece with a more current perspective on life and music.

Run time: approx. 3′.

This piece is currently available for high voice (C4-F5) or low voice (C3-F4) and piano. They are available to purchase individually or together.

Bells high voice and piano perusal (note: while the content of the piece has not changed, I have made cosmetic updates to the engraving since this perusal was made. An updated one is forthcoming!)

Listen to Bells as performed by Tess Galbiati and J.P. Lempke:

Past performances:

  • 11/21/2016: singer Tess Galbiati and pianist J.P. Lempke, Katzin Concert Hall, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • 10/21/2016: singer Chelsea Janzen and pianist Neilson Chen, “Whilst You Were Sleeping, I Was Singing,” Knights of Pythias Lodge, Tempe, AZ (world premiere)

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High voice (C4-F5) and piano, Low voice (C3-F4) and piano, Both editions (two scores)


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