CA-198 (two voices)


CA-198 is a text piece for two performers—elements of traditional Western European notation are used, but rather than noteheads, the synchronization or desynchronization of words as written on the page determines when each vocalist starts and stops. Run time: 1’30”-2′. Appropriate for performers of all vocal ranges.


There’s a funny thing about the night sky: the busier you are, the less of it you tend to see. Sometimes you have to get away for awhile to really get a good look.

CA-198 is a duet for speakers and is best performed by two people who are quite comfortable with one another. I wrote it for John Pisaro about a trip we took to Sequoia in early 2018; it remains a very fond memory. With a run time of between 1’30” and 2′, it’s ideal for a short break between larger pieces or a brief opening or closing to a concert.

If you’re looking for the recorded version, get on over to WEAKNESS on my Bandcamp.

Past performances:

  • Recorded on my album WEAKNESS
  • 3/3/2018: with John Pisaro, the Wild Beast, Valencia, CA (world premiere)


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