Panic I/Panic II (open score diptych)


Diptych of open score pieces, designed to be presented separately or together (and initially presented on my CalArts graduation recital, face the mirror). Run time: open. Add movement or more performers or whatever you like to this one!


Panic I program notes:

this is what happens

when the cracks start to show

can’t find the far edge

you fall

Panic II program notes:

this is what happens

when it all falls apart

crumpled shell

shiny toy

(the following scores should be performed by a soloist with or without visual, aural, or theatrical accompaniment)

Shocked I’m giving you so little information? That’s fair. The Panic diptych is intentionally vague, but it’s a set of pieces designed to provoke reactionary performance through a trauma-informed lens. It has the potential to veer dark (as it did when I presented it as part of face the mirror), but if you need to keep yourself out of the deepest depths, that’s okay, too. In any performance of this work, ensuring performer safety is paramount. Ensuring the audience’s safety is the other important thing. I highly recommend including a content warning with this work, especially if you’re going to be using movement or speech that clearly points at a topic others may be deeply affected by.

Run time: as long or as short as you’d like.

Check out my performances of these pieces in face the mirror.

Past performances:

  • 1/18/2020, 5th Wave Collective, Chicago, IL.
  • 3/3/2019, face the mirror, Roy O. Disney Concert Hall, Valencia, CA (world premiere)


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