Sky Harbor (two voices)

Run time: approx. 2′. A piece I wrote Nick St. Croix when we were still long distance and I missed him pretty much all the time.

No, you can’t actually order from here, sorry. I keep this piece’s destinations highly controlled. Fill out the form below and we’ll talk about your project! (fwiw, I don’t care what voice ranges you have when you do this piece. do it with someone you love. make it gay. I love that.)


Hi, folks. I control where this piece goes pretty tightly. If you’d like to purchase it, please fill out the form below to tell me about your project, and if I’m super into your setting of the piece, we’ll move forward full steam ahead! Program notes and the usual stuff below. If you’re looking for the recorded version, get on over to WEAKNESS on my Bandcamp.

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Long distance sucks. It’s a lot of late nights, phone calls, and “I miss you”s, often without an end in sight. I wrote Sky Harbor after dropping Nick off at the airport for the first time (and maybe the last time while we’re living in different cities, thanks to the pandemic); it was late April or early May, I was missing him badly, and one night, the words just showed up all at once. The next time I saw him, we recorded this together, sitting on his couch with our legs squished together, squeezing each other’s hands to make sure our unison lines were together. It’s still my go-to listen when it’s been a little too long since I last saw him.

(reader, we’ve since moved in together.)

Run time: approx. 2′.


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