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This is a long slow moment, a term Tim Feeney introduced me to in January 2019. I didn’t realize that’s what I was writing until it was staring me in the face, but it’s an excruciating ten minutes from my MFA capstone, face the mirror, in which my character succumbs to her thoughts. I’ll be frank: the stories I use in this piece are entirely autobiographical. It’s not pretty.

However, I love stories/walk free because it was one of my first chances to play with ASMR-type sounds in a musical context and the first piece I made where I relied primarily on the voice for nearly all the musical material. I adore it. Actually, I’m working on a live version with some trumpet things, so keep a casual eye out for that.

Run time: 10′. Looking for a performance license? Keep scrolling and fill out the form.

If you’re looking for hi-def listening, hop on over to Bandcamp:

Check out the performance of stories/walk free from face the mirror, my CalArts capstone project in the spring of 2019, featuring myself, Kezia Madarang, Sofia Klass (who did the choreography as well), Alicia Bobb, and Emilee Iuvara:

Past performances:

  • Recording released on out of the dark
  • 9/15/2019: with semi-improvisatory trumpet at the Lost Leaf, Phoenix, AZ
  • 3/3/2019: with movement, Roy O. Disney Concert Hall, Valencia, CA (world premiere)

Interested in licensing Don’t Tell for performance? Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch!

Fixed Media Performance Licensing
This form is for folks interested in playing one of my fixed media pieces (with dancers/actors/performers or standalone) at a concert, performance, event, etc. If you'd like to buy one of my fixed media pieces to listen to on your own time, THIS IS NOT THE FORM FOR YOU. Hop on over to my Bandcamp and download to your heart's content.
Tentative dates/date ranges are okay if you're not sure. This just helps me understand if someone needs something *very soon.*
This can include: your pronouns, info about your artistic practice, link to your website/SoundCloud/YouTube, who your performers are, info about your concert series/performance you're planning, if you found me on a recommendation from a friend, etc.


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