LETTING GO is an umbrella project—realistically, another informal opus like Letters—that seeks to thoroughly explore the relationship (and distance) between composer and performer as well as the interpretations and miscommunications that can be conveyed through physical scores. It began with LETTING GO (off the cliff), written for trombonist John Pisaro as a piece that would be fluid enough to allow him the freedom to transition from one distinct emotional space to another in the span of a few minutes while retaining his control over that shift. Though each piece (to date) is written for a specific instrumentation, they can be easily adapted for any performer’s or ensemble’s needs. Electronics are strongly encouraged, but the works can also be performed completely acoustically.

So far, I’ve been creating the LETTING GO pieces for performers I’m inspired by, many of whom are close friends of mine. If you’d like to get involved or are curious about when one for your instrument is dropping, send me a message!

The project so far:

  • LETTING GO (begin again): planned, forthcoming
  • LETTING GO (hanging the moon): planned, forthcoming
  • LETTING GO (Icarus) for solo trumpet and optional electronics, 2019
    written for myself
  • LETTING GO (off the cliff) for solo trombone and optional electronics, 2019
    written for John Pisaro