ICD 2023 Works Cited

Hi there! Below are the sources I used for my video and accompanying article on the Institute for Composer Diversity’s March 2023 data leak of marginalized composers’ information, including (estimated) 2,000+ composers whose data it shouldn’t have anymore. These sources are listed in order of appearance in the video, so

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Hey, cis people. It’s time we had a talk.

Some of you may have followed this year’s slew of legislative and executive action in states across the U.S. to limit the rights and existence of trans people. Even ifs you’ve only heard about it in passing, what you’ve learned has hopefully alarmed you—and chances are, you’ve only heard things

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I’m Not Welcome at IWBC 2022.

At a passing glance, it may seem odd that the International Women’s Brass Conference, a nonprofit that’s worked with (at least some) gender-marginalized people since its inception, might not handle gender very well. Folks who can’t see non-cis microaggressions may never spot any issues in their social media content. People

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